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SDPHA Warns About the Dangers of DIY Plumbing


The San Diego Plumber and HVAC Association has warned the public against the dangers of self-troubleshooting home plumbing problems. The SDPHA said while plumbing tutorials are available online, it takes specific education and training before a person can fully resolve plumbing issues and undertake home remodeling requirements.


The SDPPA says they have been working on more and more plumbing issues that have been blown out of proportion because of a homeowner’s Do-It-Yourself approach towards his home plumbing woes. Redoing what could have been an easy plumbing repair for a pro has been a common service call for plumbers nowadays because of self-troubleshooting.


And while the SDPHA says they acknowledge the willingness to learn and frugality of these homeowners, they underscored that sometimes, the DIY job can cost more in the long run.


Apart from usual repairs, undertaking a DIY plumbing in a DIY Home Renovation project can lead to a catastrophic result. The SDPPA says much knowledge and specialized equipment are needed to carry out plumbing work that will be up to government code.


Popular Mechanics for instance published an article warning homeowners against the dangers of DIY plumbing. In that same article they mentioned what homeowners should do in case they wish to carry out simple DIY repairs.


“There are some DIY projects that are the most fun and rewarding if you simply dive in and learn as you go. And then there's plumbing. Learning to fix your leaks or replace your toilet can save you money, but DIY plumbing can turn to disaster quickly if you're not careful. While some problems can be avoided, many nightmares are inevitable, especially if you have old or poorly installed plumbing.” The continuation of the write-up can be found here

Home improvement website shared a list of home improvement projects that should never be done by the owners themselves because it is illegal to do so. One of the projects tackled in the article is pumping the home septic system. International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials

“Let’s be honest: Of all the home chores, this is one of the more unpleasant. But in addition to being unenjoyable, working with the septic tank also requires specific equipment as well as permits to dispose of the waste properly. The only do-it-yourself step you need to take with this task is to pick up the phone and call a professional.” The original write-up can be found here


DIY Plumbing comes with its own set of risks. The SDPHA says the money invested for licensed and professional work will go a long way since it gives the property owner the peace of mind. 

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